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YM Showoutt Brings The Fire With Latest Track 'The Race'

Believe me when I say if you aren't already, you should get HYPED. We already knew YM Showoutt was going to be a man to watch when he dropped his last track 'Like That' featuring the talented Capri, if you haven't heard it yet you can stream it on Spotify here. Well now he's only gone and done it again and this time it's a vibe. We got an exclusive listen to the track which releases later this month and it is pure fire. One of the reasons I love Hiphop and Rap is the storytelling, and YM Showoutt has a lot to say. Without giving too much away, 'The Race' is basically 3 minutes of fake homies being called tf out and it is glorious. The production is literally world class and while we can't share the track just yet (we'll add a link when it drops) we did get to sit down virtually with the man himself.

So I've had a chance to listen to the track and it is really dope, how long have you been rapping for?

I've been rapping since I was 12 but I started taking it more seriously when I became an adult. People kept telling me I’m very talented and I gotta keep going and not stop.

Is there an album in the works or are you more of a go with the flow when it comes to your releases?

As of now I would say I'm dropping all singles to build my fan base and to get myself more establish then Imma drop an album.

The Race feels like you're calling out fake friends, can you tell us more about what happened that inspired this track?

I am calling out fake friends that betrayed me in the past and present. What inspired me to make this track was feeling the hurt from trusting a few that showed they true selves in the end.

A lot of independent artists have had a really terrible year, what has been driving you to keep going through all of this?

The hunger of trying to get somewhere and being successful to accomplish my goals so I won’t give up on my music

Tell us about your alias YM Showoutt, what does it mean and how/why did you pick it?

YM Showoutt is a childhood name I grew up going by because I was always the life of the party showing up and showing out, leaving memorable impressions.

What are your hopes for this track specifically and what are your plans going forward into 2021?

My plans specifically for this track is to send a messages hoping that people will receive it in the way I delivered my pain into a track understanding that trusting the wrong person can get you wrapped up in a lot of drama possibly get you hurt physically and mentally. My plans going forward is to continue dropping music hopefully becoming a brand name and being a voice for people like me that have been through the struggle as I have.

If you had any advice for your younger self what would it be?

To not allow anyone to detour you from the path that you going down continue to chase your dreams and don’t give up...

You can keep up with YM Showoutt on his Instagram here. Check out the video for his last hit 'Like That' ft Capri below

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