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Yearly Dimension Brings His Best With NAJJEE In 'ALL MONEY IN'

Underground rap can be a real mixed bag sometimes, so when we unearth something that slaps as hard as Yearly Dimensions, we get mad excited about it. Never mind that this kid was born in 2003, making him the same age as Britney Spears mental breakdown, I want to know what voodoo he's employed to make his beats this tight? It takes years to get to this level which makes me think he was making beats straight from the womb.

'ALL MONEY IN' is extremely well produced, it opens with an almost country/folk guitar pluck which mixes beautifully with the trap beat that follows. It feels contemporary and modern, and has been certified fresh by the MusikZombie team. NAJJEE kills it too, with flawless flow. The lyrics are well thought out and and articulate, we literally haven't been able to stop listening to the track.

Now there isn't a music video that we have been able to find but we definitely recommend you give Yearly Dimension a follow on Soundcloud and his Instagram to keep up with this talented young producer.

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