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Thoughtful and Catchy, Free Mace Breathes New Life Into Reggae

Florida based Reggae up and comer Free Mace is fast becoming the fresh face of modern Reggae. True to the roots of this historic genre, the latest offering from Free Mace (which you can listen to on Spotify here) is at it's heart, protest music. Every note feels deliberate and you feel totally immersed in their sound, which is cutting edge without losing any of the charm of Reggae. Lyrically anti-establishment without being overly preachy or bitter, with vocalist Mason Staub doing a brilliant job capturing the character and feeling in the message.

Their EP 'World on Fire' is an easy listening experience, well paced, and a lot of fun. Produced to an extremely high standard, Free Mace are definitely a band to watch for. Our favourite track on the EP was a toss up between '2020 Vision' an upbeat and fast paced banger, and 'War Machine' a poignant mirror held up to the mechanisms and realities of the industrial war block. There's is also a guitar instrumental that I cannot get out of my head. Overall a really solid EP and a real joy to listen to. You can keep up with Free Mace using their linktree here

Check out the video for '2020 Vision' Below!!!

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