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The New: Ben E Davis! Los Angeles meets London

Ben E Davis is a London based Singer/Songwriter from Los Angeles. Ben has been playing a host of shows around some of London's most prestigious venues, as well as having a new single out!

The Singer here pictured on the right with Music Producer Ro Bradley

Ben has travelled all over the world because of his music, but he doesn't plan to stop now!

'The best way to believe in yourself is to BE YOU. I think so many new artists try to sound like someone else and some songwriters don’t write from the heart or what they are actually experiencing, but rather what is the trend at that particular moment'

Ben is no stranger to the spotlight!

Ben E Davis is no stranger to performing and has spent the last few years working to define his sound and brand, on and off the stage. Having performed the national anthem for the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, and Dodgers, and as a member of the LA Allstars band, he had the opportunity to tour internationally, sharing the stage with well-known artists including Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera.

Interview with Ben E. Davis

1. What has been your favourite performance to date?

My favourite performance - performing at Trafalgar Square for Pride in London. The crowd and energy was epic - people were singing along to my original song Mind Games as if it were a hit on BBC1 - definitely a reason to keep pushing!

2. Do you have any release plans for the immediate and distant future?

I’ve got so many cool songs that I’m excited to release.... I’ve got an EP coming out end of 2019 and some new collaborations with Ro Bradley and Legion & Logam due out in 2020... excited for the world to finally hear my voice!

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I see myself performing still... maybe acting too. Being on stage is what I live for. I figure if Mick Jagger can still rock crowds in stadiums at 76 then I’ve got a long career ahead of me!

Check out his new single 'Just Like That' ft Gina Rene here below!

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