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The Sunset Kings Breathe New Life Into Contemporary Jazz With 'Never Let Me Go'

With a sound that can only be described as instantly iconic, this unique blend of Indie and Jazz makes Boston based band, The Sunset Kings an enjoyable and easy listening experience. You can hear the deeply rooted Jazz influences throughout their mixtape 'Shadow Work in Technicolour', in particular our track of the week 'Never Let Me Go'. Check it out on Spotify here.

Lyrically the track feels personal and intimate, a heartfelt plea to keep a love that is fleeting. Layered over dreamy guitar riffs and jazzy saxophone parts, 'Never Let Me Go' is an outstanding example of a well thought out and perfectly executed audio journey that draws you in and does what all good art should, it makes you feel.

The Sunset Kings are definitely a band to watch, they have a fresh, modern sound, with really astute and clever lyrics reminiscent of the rich heritage of the spoken word scene found in Boston. The guys of TSK are clearly versatile and talented musicians and are a real pleasure to listen to. While we don't have a video for 'Never Let Me Go' just yet we have included their latest video below, Metronomin' is off the 'Shadow Work in Technicolour' mixtape and demonstrates exactly what we've been saying, these dudes are legit!

Keep up with the extremely talented The Sunset Kings on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated with live show and upcoming releases, or just to show some love ❤

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