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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

KVNE is creating a real buzz on Spotify. The Canadian singer has really been rising up the ranks and is definitely one to watch for the future. The hitmaker is set to be a mainstage regular, check out his new track 'Ballerina'

The rise of KVNE cannot be ignored, the up and coming Singer from Canada has had a host of releases to date.

We sat down with KVNE and asked him to give us some advice for up and coming artists that want to go down the same road.

Tell us about your label Killa Kartel?

KillaKartel is an indie label and management team. My partner Solomon Mallo &I started the company fresh out pursuing some interning under both management & creative roles, we had a good vision of what we wanted to create for not just ourselves but our peers within the industry. 

Have you enjoyed your latest tour? and what advice would you give to anyone who is trying to get bookings?

The “Before the fall tour” in July was an absolute blast. I’m actually really close friends with Bewaresound & they’re a real blast to run with. Also Thisishavehope & Evrvday put the route together nicely. 

My advice would be to just start getting out wherever you can now, even if it’s for free or gas money. Lay the foundation & when it’s Time to start touring you’ll know & have the audience to do so

What are your plans for the next few months?

I’m really excited to announce that aside from some great features, I’ll be releasing my first project this September. I can’t say too much yet so keep posted to the Instagram @kvne_official & Facebook KVNE for more updates!

We really enjoyed sitting down with Kevin and would like to thank him for this valuable Information for up and coming artists, His new track Ballerina has just passed 100,000 plays on Spotify! Check out the official music video below!

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