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The Rise Of Er!

With epic guitar riffs and tantalising vocals 'Wenn nicht du dann niemand' hits hard.

Having gained over 30,000 monthly listeners on Spotify Er is one to watch. His energetic pop/rock is becoming notorious In his native Austria and the singer is going from strength to strength.

Part of his new album '2020 2.0' Wenn nicht du dann niemand' starts with a Guns n Roses style riff which then explodes into uplifting and hard hitting vocals. It's the same throughout the album as Er delivers hit after hit on the record published by Transalpinmusic In Grundlsee, Austria.

With so much new music being

released the title of the album

2020 2.0 really speaks to us all.

All the songs are wonderfully

produced and we cant wait for

Er to explode back into the live

music scene, whenever that

may be.

Check out Er's music here!

Wenn nicht du dann niemand by Er

Artist Links;

FB Er.musik

Insta Er.musik

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