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This is one of the best debut albums we have ever heard, remember the name KVNE.

I have been lucky enough to get to know KVNE over the last few months and his work ethic is second to none. After being in the music Industry for a while you learn about the artists who say they want it, and then the ones that really do. Kevin Edworthy is a perfect example of an artist that has the talent, the drive, the knowledge and the mentality.

KVNE has been pushing his music worldwide for a while now with one of his first single's 'Make Me Better' passing 174,000 streams on Spotify, which has now become the biggest platform for emerging music. He recently passed 200,000 streams on 'Ballerina'

and clearly has no plans to slow down.

His debut LP Cathartic was released on Friday and it is an album full of hits to say the least. Joined by fellow label mates $oloman, Lowkeyytm & the rest of The Killa Kartel,

this album will prove to be a huge breakthrough for the crew from Canada.

The song I just can't get out of my head is 'Faded' with the hook "I'd rather be faded than famous" KVNE is completely authentic and as someone that knows him this speaks for the lifestyle Kevin is pursuing rather than the hope for fame that most artists are looking for. For him it's all about the music and you can see that in the rest of this album.

KVNE and Lowkeyytm teamed up for 'Call Back' which is another huge track, the lyrics stick in your head instantly and the production is top notch. I feel like this could easily be one of the better songs by The Weekend, the guys at Killa Kartel are now putting out music that is as good as the biggest Canadian artists. You can hear the urban sound that has become notable in Toronto shine through and I have no doubt the big players in the Industry are listening carefully.

I could write all day about these songs but you should really see for yourself on Spotify. don't forget the name KVNE, because you won't be able to soon.

In the meantime here's the official video for 'Ballerina' which is one of the lead songs on KVNE's 'Cathartic' OUT NOW!

Here is the official spotify for KVNE!

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