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SwankFather Certified Fresh With Latest Drop, 'Red Diamonds'

SwankFather is a modern poet, taking his experiences and crafting them into powerful and poignant lyrical prose that reaches out and grabs the listener, drawing us into his world. 'Red Diamonds' is a soulful sermon, artfully delivered. In an era of hyped beats and mumbled rappers SwankFather unapologetically delivers a masterclass in articulate flow coupled with almost nostalgic hip hop beats that draw inspiration from the roots of rap while still sounding fresh and new.

In today’s climate of bedroom producers and soundcloud “artists” it is such a breath of fresh air to come across a true artist, with well thought out music, produced to the highest standard.

'Red Diamonds' is the perfect follow up to his last release, 'Off Tether' is a freestyle rap that bumps with insane flow. Simple yet devastatingly effective it is a wonder that SwankFather isn't more mainstream because this shit is tight! You can hear 'Red Diamonds' on Soundcloud here

Check out the unofficial video for 'Off Tether' below!

We caught up with SwankFather (virtually) to get some more insight into his world.

So I've had a chance to listen to the tracks and they're really dope, how long have you been rapping for?

I have been making music for about 8 to 10 years, in this time I've penned under a couple of different pseudo names.

Is there an album in the works or are you more of a go with the flow when it comes to your releases?

I'm more of a go-with-the-flow type of artist releasing music whenever I want but I'm working on an EP called Bumper Cars and Laser Tag. I plan on dropping Bumper Cars and Laser Tag by the end of 2021.

Can you tell us more about what inspired your music?

My Music is inspired by the lifestyle of pimping and hoeing, and how men and women interrelate with one another in the context of relationships love lust, and money. Getting out of poverty by using business skills is also a big inspiration for my music as well. I can't forget to Mention YNJAY aka The Coochie Man. His music gave the rap game some extra life. And I didn't shy away from his flow, I decided to embrace it with some of my newer singles. This isn't to say you won't find music of me using the fucked up-flow 8 years ago.

A lot of independent artists have had a really terrible year, what has been driving you to keep going through all of this?

What drives me to not give up music during this pandemic is the fact that we never know when the government will decide that they want to kill us all. If I die it would be nice to have some dope music left behind me.

Tell us about your alias Swank Father, what does it mean and how/why did you pick it?

As I said before I've had a number of alias's some of them being DJ, Divine Justice, Killumini Divine, Divine Sun, KD Swank, and now SwankFather. The Alias Divine Justice & Killumini Divine is a mixture of my Righteous name (given to me by an enlightener named 'God Supreme' within the 5% nation Nation of Gods & Earths). I Took my Righteous Name and spiced it up for commercial use. This leads me to be the Killumini inspired by 2pac, once realized the fans are not open to mentalism music from me I changed what I rap about and have been Swankin ever since. Swank is to leave an impression, the Father in swank father is a double entendre that refers to myself and A person called Clarence 13 X. Who was the Father of the 5 percenters.
When it's all said and done it's just a name that, people in my neighbourhood call me as a result of me once losing myself and redefining swank.

What are your hopes for these tracks specifically, and what are your plans going forward into 2021?

I just want all the hip-hop fans in the world to hear me out and so they can hear what SwankFather has to off the music scene. I plan to make music videos and obliterate show performances, especially with Off Tether. I've been getting a lot of good feedback from that song in particular. So we for sure have to shoot music videos asap.

If you had any advice for your younger self what would it be?

If I had any advice for the younger me and any young ones reading this, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR YOUTH WHILE YOU HAVE IT.

If you want to keep up with SwankFather (and why wouldn't you?) you can access his linktree here

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