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'Summer Twinkling' Release Incredible Self titled Debut Album!

Updated: Mar 31

If you like Indie Rock this ones for you. Soulfully beautiful with uplifting summer vibes from beginning to end, what an incredible debut album!

As I started listening to this album the sun was shining, beaming into Musikzombie HQ. For a minute I forgot I was reviewing an album as I just melted into the vibe, according to the band This album is about summer memories, with joy, bitterness, blazing heat, ocean waves and cold sodas, once you listen to it, you can really feel it…..

The album starts with the opening song ‘Bystander’ with plucky guitar melodies leading into beautiful bass notes and progressing all the way to an impactful solo, this is the perfect opening track.

With Kings of Leon vibes this album is so well produced, the incredibly epic uplifting opening track then leads into the second song ‘Summer Triangle’ which immediately brings the journey down to a more emotional state, we slow down the tempo and are introduced to powerful vocals, you can really feel the emotions flowing into this song, following perfectly on from the opening song.

The title ‘Summer Twinkling’ really sums up what this album is all about, the second song ‘Summer Triangle’ starts with magiacal pads fading progressively into a song that makes me feel like I’m on a beach watching the sun go down, the high pitch vocals give it a true sense of emotion.

The album then switches it up as we go onto ‘Bubble’ which starts with a different style and is the first time we are introduced to piano in the album, its a Jazy/souly blend then slows down and speeds up, have your cocktails in hand for this one, another flawlessly mixed piece of magic.

Track 4: ‘Aegean Polaroid’ brings in the Brass! Now this is that late night calming feeling, with a nice glass of red wine on a French balcony. This album has a bit of everything for all times of day. Once again the quality is second to none, from brass, to synth melodies, that iconic guitar we have got to know so well that opens for perfectly places drums, this band seem to be capable of anything.

We keep the flow going with ‘Pool’ the next song on the album, switching in and out styles at the tip of a hat. By now its becoming clear that they are capable of so much virtuality, we just LOVE THIS ALBUM, I find the airy guitar notes compliment the rest of the band as a lead sound so effortlessly, this is truly epic. It builds and builds and leaves us with our mouths wide open wanting more.

Now let’s talk about Track 6: ‘Shoemaker-Levy’ 9! BRING THE ROCK, the band switch it up for a power ballad, this is awesome! Here come the power chords and epic vocals, then could play a Jazz bar or a rock show they are that versatile. This is a true style shift, going classic rock on this one, the vocals power us through until the most epic solo of all time, wow you gotta listen to this one.

We then move onto ‘H.S.G’ at 22 minutes 57 seconds, with a quirky drum fill we are brought back to the piano and that stylised guitar pluck, the vibe slows down and this one has a really classy elegant feel, as the song progresses we are teased with epic vocals, this song hits us right in the feels.

NOW…. I just love the last song on the album ‘Melon Soda; this is pure pop rock, the vocals are so catchy, we see them change up the style entirely, there’s nothing better, this could easily be a radio hit!

I would have to give this album 5/5. It takes us on an incredible journey through various kinds of emotions and is produced to pure perfection, All the songs were written by Summer Twinkling. Mixed, mastered and produced by Han.

We loved the album so much we reached out to the band to learn more!

1. Can you tell us about the process of making the album?

Our production process is actually quite simple. I usually talk to the guitarist about the style of music we want to make (which is relatively broad), and then we gradually clarify each other's ideas about what instruments will be included in the music. After that we start playing some riffs, usually I or he will create a one to two minute demo with drums, guitars and keyboards. This demo will show the chord progressions we want and some special voicing, as well as the unique sound of the guitar or keys. We will then build on and expand on each other's demos, similar to a band rehearsal process. Finally we will discuss the details with the drummer and bassist and record the individual instruments.

2. What’s next for you guys?

We may go back to our respective daily lives for a while (as our band is usually only active in the summer lol). In the process we will accumulate new inspirations. We plan to write a few new songs over the summer. It's possible that it will be the motivation for our next album. We've been talking a lot lately about alternative bands like the Devics, and we really like how they add classical elements to their gloomy style and how they handle vocals. We didn't add many vocals to this album (only three of the first seven songs have vocals on some of the verses) making it seem more like a post-rock album at first glance. But we are seriously considering adding some vocals to the new songs that follow.

3. Do you have any shows coming up?

In the short term, we have no plans to perform because the four members are located in different countries (including Europe, Asia, and South America). However, in the future, we very much hope to have the opportunity to launch small performances. We have always admired Gorillaz's ability to perform using virtual images. We really like the way we interact with the audience.

4. Who are your biggest Inspirations?

In addition to the Gorillaz mentioned earlier, our idols also include the immortal The Beatles. It may not have influenced us much in terms of musical style, but their exploration spirit and innovation in recording and arranging music have always inspired us. We also like bands such as Mogwai, Tortoise, Explorations in the Sky, X-Japan, and so on. In addition, I (the album producer and keyboard player) have personally been very enthusiastic about musicians from the Cool Jazz and Bebop eras (Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Charlie Parker). Their contributions on harmony have brought me a lot of inspiration and influence.

5. Where do you see yourself as a band in 5 years?

First of all I certainly hope we still love music so much and are still making music. With the development of AI technology in recent years, we have more expectations on how to virtualise the image of the band and perform online performances. The performance form of Gorillaz is one of our goals. We hope to make some short music videos using AI. Of course, our primary goal is to bring more high-quality music in the next album.


Make sure you check out the band on social media!




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