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SOZIALES HETZWERK Drops Brand New Single 'Hetzer'

Hot off the heels of their successful self titled debut album in 2020, German Punk Rock band SOZIALES HETZWERK have just released a single off of their highly anticipated sophomore album 'Provokateur'.

'Hetzer' is an absolute banger that perfectly captures the angst and rebellious spirit that punk rock is all about. The literal translation of hetzer is agitator, which if you had to pick one word to describe the purpose of punk seems to be a perfect fit. The track is brimming with energy and despite my German being a little rusty (ein biere bitte) I couldn't stop rocking along with Jim Schatzmann ,the lead singer, songwriter, musician, and driving force behind SOZIALES HETZWERK. The production on this is world class, and going off some of the collaborations on the album it certainly should be, staying true to the soziales (social) aspect of the bands name Jim has worked with musicians across the geographical spectrum (SHOUTOUT to fellow South African Rainer Jadischke) a feat which is even more impressive considering we are in a global pandemic. If the rest of the album is anywhere near as good as the first single we have a lot to look forward to. You can give SOZIALES HETZWERK's track Hetzer a listen on Spotify here. There isn't a video to speak of just yet but we thought we would include the lyric video to their self titled track off their self titled album, SOZIALES HETZWERK below!

You can keep up with SOZIALES HETZWERK on their official website here, and/or follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

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