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Second Choice Graces Us With Powerful Rock Ballad Never Enough

Power corrupts absolutely, the message from Swedish sensation Second Choice. Never Enough is a powerful Rock Ballad that hits us right in its core!

Since 1992 Fredrik Lindström aka Second Choice has been playing guitar in various rockbands. His solo project started around 2010. As stated on his Spotify;

Second Choice was a resting project for several years but in 2019 i decided to revive the project. I collaborate with different singers

This summer i started working with a singer/songwriter Naliisa a powerful and inspiring singer, she helped him find hone his craft.

In 2019 Second Choice made 5 songs, 3 of those were with Naliisa. When asked about his music style second choice does not put a genre on his work but simply cares about the experience for the listener, a true artist!

The song never enough is accompanied with really powerful music video featuring corrupt politicians, oppressed people and spread the message that it is never enough. Having written the lyrics himself Fredrik Lindström collaborated with Berzan Önen and also produced the entire song himself

With powerful guitar riffs, tantalising vocals, a strong message. Justice is blind, at least thats what he was taught....

In this crazy world right now this song speaks volumes.

It's like the world is out of control and It's all been manufactured through greed and corruption. Second Choice helps explain this in Never enough, we need more political music to help set us free.

Through oppression there must be light, and there is nothing more powerful that music that can help us to achieve freedom. We commend Second Choice on being a voice of freedom in this mad this mad world and cant wait to see more of his work!

So here it is! Check out the video for Second Choice - Never Enough!

And here are the links for his music! Thanks For Reading! (Music video) (Spotify link) (Youtube channel)

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