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$AINT Releases Hot New Single 'CUTE'

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

The New York based singer songwriter opens up about her personal life in this catchy, vibrant and powerful new anthem.

Having listened to her last release 'CLOUTDROUGHT', there is no doubt about $AINT's vocal ability. She has a unique style and a tantalising voice, she even managed to team up with heavy hitters Fvbe & Fig on this powerful song. It leaves no doubt the trajectory that this artist is headed, its only up from here.

'Cute' is inspired by nostalgic feelings of falling in love for the first time.

The track is uplifting in sound, with catchy plucks and meaningful lyrics. $AINT touches upon darker moments of her love life, opening up to her fans. The song is entirely relatable. We've all been there, we've all been 'doing cute shit' and yet, it still ended badly, however at least we now have a song to listen to when thinking about it!

In the process of overcoming rough circumstances, 'Cute' came to life. A real experience that many of our readers can relate to.

$AINT helps us all explore these feelings throughout this song, something needed more than ever in these strange and lonely times. She wants listeners to have an escape from reality and to know that our memories of good times in our lives will always be apart of us.

$AINT explains,

“Even throughout dark times, I was still able to write about drinking boba, pretty sunsets, and love. I want my listeners to be able to visualize the story or maybe relate to the song for an escape from reality right now.”

$AINT has a unique sound and undoubted talent and potential, we are looking forward to hearing more music and will be listening to 'cute' in the office on repeat. Be sure to check out her music on Spotify and follow her on social media.

“CUTE” is available now on all major platforms. For the latest updates on $AINT, follow her on Instagram.

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