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Russian Singer Alex Genadinik Releases New Track 'Enchanting Woman'

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Singer songwriter Alex Genadinik has released a brand new ethereal track called Enchanting Woman, the guitar is delicately strummed over a choral string section that make you feel as though you may float away.

You can clearly hear the Bob Dylan influences in the music, this is easily Alex's best track to date and is well mixed and mastered. Alex's songs feature imaginative poetry and beautiful, thoughtful lyrics that are bound to make you daydream into new worlds.

You can listen to Enchanted Woman on Spotify or check out the video on Youtube below, leave a comment and like to show support. Alex Genadinik of is a singer-songwriter who puts a strong emphasis on powerful lyrics and the emotional content of his songs. Alex is influenced by artists like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan and poets like Vladimir Vysotsky, and Bulat Okudzhava. He also runs a number of online projects like and

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