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Ro Bradley Is Back! New single with Canadian urban popstar KVNE titled ‘Nothing Left' Out Now!

A year after his hit 'Take Me To Paradise Ro Bradley is back in the spotlight with his first single of the year. The producer famed for regularly playing the Miss World Pageant in Barcelona has recently signed with Canadian Indie Label Killa Kartel, Inevitably leading to a collaboration with the label's biggest artist KVNE, Kevin Edworthy, musically known as KVNE, is thrilled to announce the single “Nothing Left”. Produced by Ro Bradley, the new single promises to pair Kevin's hard hitting lyrics with Ro's intricate and uplifting melodies, the intelligent writing by Kevin Edworthy and Tristan Molina promises to have the listener questioning the purposes of today's consumerist society, the track then evolves to a powerful drop with an essence of Avicii, it's clear where Ro gained his

musical influences.

The track touches on the themes of ever growing discontent from consumerism in modern society. There is a certain honest about this work that creates a true, heartfelt connection between the song and listeners that find this topic entirely relatable. As artists the duo aim to get people thinking about the strains of modern day life on a society of people growing ever distant from one other, we are super excited for this one!

Nothing Left will be available on Spotify TODAY - Friday August 16th!

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