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R0 Bradley 'Lost Without You' Out Friday October 25th.

Updated: Oct 21, 2019


The mysterious producer will release his next Incredible video & his first song featuring his vocals next Friday. This is not one to be missed.

Its safe to say this is his biggest solo project to date and the 'Take Me To Paradise' Producer isn't stopping there. Having recently signed to distribution giants AWAL, 'Lost Without You' shows R0's all round ability to make a hit.

This will be first time he has released a song in which he sings, writes and produces the track. With themes embedded in his personal life spewing throughout, the music video hits home with incredible locations and cinematography filmed in the Welsh Mountains which sees Ro embark on an epic journey that ultimately leads to a rock show.

The track is more pop/rock in comparison to his EDM routes, with catchy guitar riffs and hard hitting explicit vocals, this shows a true unique style that we hope to see more of in the future.

We were lucky enough to have the exclusive, and will be premiering his music video on our MusikZombie Youtube page!

We sat down with R0 Bradley to get to know a bit more before his big release.

1. What's the Inspiration behind 'Lost Without You'?

"The title speaks for itself but the entire vision is completely real for me and based on my own experiences of love and loss. This is something that's come entirely from my head and I wrote the lyrics over the space of a year or so, I did want to feature another singer but I kept signing the hooks over and over and ended up recording myself, which i've learnt is easier said than done. I hope the lyrics speak with people who have faced any form of loss and Im nervously excited to show everyone, of course it's a strange and new style for me and im sure ill face criticism like any artist but it's important for me to be authentic as I made this for me, it how I express and deal with the things I feel and have gone through, which is why I think Music and Art is the most important thing we have to do so. It's easy to go into a dark place when your sad but it's sometimes easier and more empowering to use that pain for good and show other they aren't alone"

Formally Ro Bradley, now 'R0 Bradley' originally started as a TV Show Host in The Philippines of all places, his first single with Billy Elliot star Fox Jackson peaked at number 3 in the Amazon Chart and he then had a real break out hit with 'Take Me To Paradise' which lead to him playing multiple shows at 'Miss World' and featuring on various radio stations, even with his own show on one of Barcelona's biggest stations.

2. Tell us about signing with Killa Kartel and AWAL?

"To be honest, I was pretty close to stopping the whole artist thing. I'll always produce which is really what I love but i've found the artist pathway pretty exhausting, especially live events which i've been taking a break from, but when I met Kevin from Killa Kartel he told me he really believed in me and wanted to push me to be a true artist, which I believe i am now. You really have to let go of a lot of fear to dive fully in, i'll be the first one to admit I have stage fright and don't always feel comfortable in front of the camera, but he's really pushed me to believe in myself, to which I owe him and the guys at Killa Kartel a lot of gratitude for because there is nothing more important in this industry than having people around you who you can trust and support you"

"As for AWAL it's pretty cool for me because they have artists such as 'The Kooks, The Wombats & Deadmau5' who are some of my idols. I used to go and watch them in London when I was younger all the time and i'm in full fanboy mode right now, I know i'm right at the bottom of that label, which is why it's important for me to put everything in this song so I can stay in the club"

3. What are your plans for the future & what have you been upto?

"Well i've always said making an album is my biggest goal and will be for me my greatest personal achievement, it's going to be ready when it's ready and that's all I can add, I want it to be the best It can be however long it takes.

I kept it quiet but i've been living in Spain for the last 9 months enjoying the sun, and i've now relocated very recently to open my own studio in the South of England, it has been raining everyday since I have been back, but I really want to be around to see my friends and family as much as possible, which is what's really important for me.

I was lucky enough to go to Portugal recently where I made 2 amazing friends, and i'm excited to say i'll be working with American Artist Ben E Davis on his original music. He has performed all over the world, from supporting Katy Perry to playing in front of a packed Trafalgar square, as well as being a regular with the LA Allstars. He has an amazing voice and I hope I can make him some amazing productions that really showcase his talents, I'm really looking to work with singers who want to get to that next level and I have no doubt that's something Ben is going to achieve.

My main focus for the next 6 months is producing music for other artists which i'm really excited about, Im almost fully booked working in the studio and i'm very proud of that. I love making the videos and you will see the new one shortly, if more opportunities arise from it I will think hard about everything, I'm not going to play live and i'm taking a break from travelling for the first time in years, i'm very happy where I am"

Thanks R0 we can't wait to show everyone your new song 'Lost Without You'

The video will be out on our MusikZombie channel exclusively on FRIDAY THE 25th of October!

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