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Philly Blocks Delivers for Louisville

Tight beats and fierce flow, the recipe for great rap has stayed the same since day one (mumble rap ain't it) and our boy Philly Blocks has once again delivered.

The Crown Prince of the Ville is back at it, after giving you the highs and lows of hood life in Louisville KY with "Days of our lives", then taking you back down memory lane with "Average", Philly blocks returns with another batch of bars packed with self affirmation.

CEO represents an evolution in Philly Blocks rap game, his early work centres around growing up on the streets and comes full circle. He has a keen understanding that hustle is a lifestyle.

Philly is on a hot streak making moves on his daily grind, spitting out instant classics in the booth. Philly is here to give his fans what they came for. CEO is shot by the visual powerhouse Courtesy of Creme with slick work adding to the credibility of Team 563

Philly Blocks via Twitter/IG @phillyblocks

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DIrected by @courtesyofcreme

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