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NOYZ Gets Down To The Nitty Gritty With 'Smoke It Off'

In what is easily probably the most relatable track of 2021 so far, NOYZ delivers an emotional and raw performance on 'Smoke It Off', you can check it out on Spotify here. Off of his latest album 'Now I See', we've picked 'Smoke It Off' as our track of the week. The opening piano draws you in, setting the tone of the track perfectly, which marries flawlessly with the trappy beat. Lyrically the performance feels deeply personal and real. It's the kind of shitty day we've all had, and NOYZ captures the apathy of resignation to the whims of the universe, and isolation, and fear so many of us have become so intimately familiar with over the last year perfectly, and he prescribes the most universal of cures. Smoke it off.

We love the whole EP and we are pumped to have come across this immensely talented guy, you can check out his linktree to keep up with NOYZ on his social media platforms.

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