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NO1KNOWS Returns With His First Solo Single 'Without Your Love'

2022 has seen elusive producer NO1KNOWS release his latest single 'Without Your Love’ on German record label Future House Cloud. Hot off the success of his last single 'Time of Death' having achieved an impressive 1 million streams NO1KNOWS is keen to build on his momentum. Little is known about this mysterious masked musician, he is basically the Banksy of Future House Music.

Written and produced by NO1KNOWS the song tells the tale of love and heartbreak.

You can hear the influences of trend setters like Avicii in the melodies and the production value of the powerful vocals hit hard for those Future House fans. The song builds us up with emotional lyrics and takes us into a catchy chorus that is reminiscent of a young Calvin Harris.

Future House Cloud have been making waves in the Industry, having attracted some of the best EDM artists in the game they are also focused on early career development for a wide array of talented producers & DJ's worldwide, they now have an incredible catalogue of music with 10s of millions of streams.

You can check out 'Without Your Love’ here!

If you want to follow NO1KNOWS & Future House Cloud check out the links below.

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