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NO1KNOWS Debuts on UFO Recordz with summer hit 'Letters'

The anonymous producer is back with his latest heartfelt track Letters, debuting on South African Dance Label UFO Recordz, this song hits us straight in the heart.

NO1KNOWS goes from strength to strength. Following up from his last single 'Without Your Love' on Future House Cloud, the producer is working his way up the dance music food chain.

His new song letters touches on love and loss, seemingly following the story of fighting for love while battling Demons, while the topic sounds heavy we are met with beautiful guitar and piano melodies, tantalising emotional vocals and his classic vocal chops in the chorus, its nothing short of unique and we love it!

Accompanied with a music video that will be out soon 'Letters' is a great summer song, as well as an emotional ballad, we cant wait to see the music video! Check out the track here!

Stay tuned for more hot new music here at Musikzombie!

And be sure to check out NO1KNOWS on his website and socials, as well as all his music on Spotify!



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