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NC Rapper Bezy4Eva Drops Latest EP Street Codex

Hailing from the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, rapper and producer Bezy4Eva has dropped a brand new EP called Street Codex. The title track is extremely catchy and had our entire office bopping along, the mix is tiiight and the lyrics are more akin to something you would expect from the era of real rap, so the tracks feel nostalgic and totally fresh. Street Codex sets Bezy4Eva apart from his peers and he takes a well deserved swipe at industry rappers who perpetrate being from the streets when they're actually just playing gangster.

Bezy$Eva is a prime example of Black Excellence, it is clear from his music that he put his blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul into his work. We see big things in this young artists future. Now there isn't an official music video just yet but you can check out his video for 'Import Export' below, another reason we think this dude is going places.

If you want to keep up with Bezy4Eva (we recommend you do) you can check out his Spotify, Apple, Instagram, and YouTube

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