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MYNUKAR Slaps Back With New Hit Single 27 Angels!

Musikzombie exclusive Interview with MYNUKAR. The 27 Angels Rapper talks life new music, and the Inspiration behind his new single!

Talented Rapper MYNUKAR, has dropped his latest single 27 Angels, and we are super pumped about it. The futuristic sounding mix of dance/EDM and rap blend perfectly. Accompanied by a slick music video '27 Angels' doesn't fail to deliver.

Shot and Edited by Dylan Siha & tamarotomorrow this video follows the young MYNUKAR. With awesome video effects and high production quality the video hits home. This artist is on the up and up.

We all know what its like to see the same numbers over and over, for me its 23, I see it everywhere. This is a topic MYNUKAR delves in to in his new single.

Influenced by angels the track blends emotional piano, 808s and catchy lyrics to create a powerful track.

It's clear that MYNUKAR has put a lot of time, effort, and dedication into his music and its just the start!

Having spent alot of time perfecting his art, and growing as a writer MYNUKAR is going from strength to strength. We will be lucky enough to get to review his new album in the coming weeks!

The young artist started in the studio at an early age and we wanted to find out more.

So we sat down with the young American rapper to talk about his new release and get to know him a bit better.

Congratulations on your new music! Can you tell us the Inspiration behind the song 27 Angles?

The Angel number 27 was my inspiration. For those who know about angel numbers, they’re numbers you see often.

If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?

I’d put Trippie Redd As my number #1 collaboration, either him or Drake!

We love the album! Any plans for live performances?

Yes! I plan to book MYNUKAR live shows all year.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself touring doing shows collaborations and other things like that.

How long have you been making music? Can you give us a bit of an idea of your journey?

I’ve been in the studio since I was 0 then I starting writing at a very young age while I played sports. After my first year playing varsity soccer I started doing shows and just stuck to hooping in the summer. That turned into a lot of photo shoots and more studio time with my friends. I’ve done shows with bone thugs and harmony. Right now I believe people know me all over the country so next stop is worldwide.

Thanks so much for talking with us! We cant wait to hear more.

Check out the music video here!

And here's the track on Soundcloud!

Dont forget to follow MYNUKAR on social media @mynukar

Stay tuned for more!

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