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MusikZombie Production House officially opens it's doors on August 1st

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Nestled in the quiet town of Wivenhoe, on the outskirts of Colchester is a brand new production house and recording studio. MusikZombie was founded by local music producer Rowan Clarke, known by his stage name R0 Bradley, with his business partners and industry colleagues.

In-house photography services include behind the scenes shooting, album artwork, music videos, as well as business to business photography, graphic design, corporate video, and ad video services.

Rowan and his team wanted to build a creative space for the outsiders, those who are looking for a place to record demos, learn about music production, and the music industry, who might not otherwise have access or opportunities to do so.

More than just music, the production house is geared toward being a one stop media solution. Services include photography, videography, graphic design, and pretty much anything else industry related.

The team have already been running

their digital MuzikZombie Magazine.

"We're not in the business of turning people away, we will work with your budget to deliver a high quality product that feels authentically yours"

The teams credentials include working with the Miss World franchise, working with Grammy nominated sound engineers, platinum selling artists, working on independent films, as well as early support from the BBC, where R0 Bradley was scheduled to announce the opening on March 16th on BBC Essex.

MusikZombie hopes to bridge the gap in the Industry connecting Independent creatives with people at the top of the Industry. We primarily focus on Music and Video Production, songwriting and music journalism but also offer DAW teaching as well as voice-overs and radio ad’s.

For more Information and enquiries related to your project please contact us directly at

Keep up with us on Instagram here

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