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MUSIKZOMBIE EXCLUSIVE! Viral Sensation Dan Fable Talks Latest Track 'low down'

If you’re curious about what it feels like to follow an independent artist to their meteoric rise, strap in, this is for you. Like something from a fairytale, I have watched the wildly talented Dan Fable shoot for the stars and our lad from Manchester only went and did it.

I guarantee that if you have spent 30 seconds or more on TikTok you have heard the absolute banger ‘low down’ by venbee and Dan Fable, check it out on Spotify HERE. Their sound is hella fresh and is ahead of the trend for UK dance music, the vocal work is breathtaking and understated, lyrical and poetic the writing is so very deep and seems to capture the resigned disenfranchisement of a generation in a most beautiful way.

There is no such thing as overnight success, the temptation to believe that work this good materialises from nothing is strong in those who don’t know. Dan has an entire back catalogue of incredible pieces of musical art, ‘low down’ is just his latest offering and his hard work and perseverance and excellent taste in collaborators has finally paid off and he is getting the recognition and respect he so richly deserves.

When I found Dan Fable on Instagram he was dropping snippets of unreleased music that I thought were dope. I remember getting so excited for him when his videos got 10 000 plays, I’m not saying I’m psychic but I 100% knew my guy was going to blow up. Pretty sure that is exactly how people felt around Kanye pre-Trump. When I started putting this piece together ‘low down’ had just broken 1 million streams on Spotify, I went to Italy for the Bank Holiday weekend and on my return ‘low down’ has over 4 million streams, is viral in TikTok, is on Radio 1 and in the charts, and if I were venbee or Dan Fable I would have ZERO CHILL RIGHT NOW.

I feel like you know you’ve made it when Sam Smith uses your track to make a TikTok video. As a writer, producer, musician, Dan has achieved what so many aspire to and he has done it in his own way and we are all here for it. We were so lucky to get to talk to Dan exclusively before he gets bogged down with Rolling Stone Magazine interviews and has no time for us.

So here it is our Interview with the next big thing out of the UK, Dan Fable.

Congratulations on your new single! You must be over the moon. How are you feeling?

"I’m feeling on top of the world right now, it’s been a rollercoaster couple of weeks. Really blown away with the response this song has had. Just the start though."

How long have you been making music? Can you give us a bit of an idea of your journey?

"I started by writing raps around 14 years ago which is crazy to think about. It progressed into song writing quite quickly. I spent most of my 20s managing and developing artists I believed in. There was highs and there was lows. When the first lockdown hit us I was disconnected from the artists I was working with at the time and I had a big hunger to continue writing and creating music. It was at that point I decided to become an artist. I started posting videos of songs I had written online regularly. Things picked up a little bit. I released some songs and was just enjoying the process. One of my videos went a little bit viral (bisto gravy) and that really picked things up for me. Found a manager and started doing more writing session with other artists. That’s how ‘Low Down’ with Venbee came about."

If you could give some tips to someone reading this who wants to try it in the music Industry as a singer songwriter what would you say?

"Get yourself on TikTok, post at least once a day, get straight to the good bit in your song, clean clear video of yourself, give it a title or overriding message at the start, write out the lyrics along with the video. If you are good at what you do, this method literally cannot fail. It might take you a couple of years. It might take you two weeks. But if you follow those steps precisely, you will make it."

If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?

"Probably Eminem."

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

"Travelling the world in a camper van visiting all of the earth's historical sites. Music wise, hopefully writing songs which people listen to for the rest of their lives, working with some inspiring musicians and playing live to some big crowds. That would keep me content."

What's next for you? Do you have any new music or shows coming up?

"I have a stack of tunes waiting to be released. It’s the best music I have ever made. Just waiting to see how the last release pans out. It is growing and growing so don’t want it to overshadow the next release. I’m writing with some amazing artists, working with some great producers, and finding my place in this industry. Live shows hopefully will start back end of this year."

Keep up with Dan Fable on his Instagram or his Twitter, Dan also has a linktree for the hookup on all of his music

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