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Mollie Ralph; Nottingham's Soulful Songbird

If you believe in love at first sight you may want to consider approaching Mollie Ralph with extreme caution. Undeniably stylish, stunningly beautiful, and impossible to overlook. I imagine that she is easily the epicentre of every room she enters. Mollie also has a day job as a nurse in the NHS, yes that NHS, the most beloved British institution that is painfully underfunded for something that is the pride of a nation. So, not only is Mollie one of the most beautiful human beings to walk amongst us, but it appears that her beauty and grace is tethered to a compassionate soul which she selflessly radiates out from within, how reckless of her. I dare you all not to be enchanted.

As if it wasn’t enough that Mollie was clearly at the front of the queue when all the best bits of the universe were being handed out she has also dedicated herself to her voice, and my god, what a voice. Timeless and unique, her voice makes me feel like I’ve been dipped in warmed honey, or floating inside of the best hug, or sailing on an ocean of chocolate. I am irrevocably enamoured, a word I had to look up to explain this feeling. Her writing is authentic, and well thought out and whoever is doing the arrangements on her tracks deserves a raise.

Her latest release “What’s the Point Anyway?” is devastating, a ballad about breaking someone’s heart but wanting them to stay. The real gut punch is the resignation to apathy as indicated in the title. Such is Mollie’s talent that she has broken my heart, and I have immediately forgiven her, though it may take some time for me to feel trust again, and we’ve never even met.

Thanks Mollie, I’ll just be in the corner crying into my pillow, listening to you on repeat, while planning our life together.

You can keep up with Mollie Ralph on Instagram, Facebook, or check out her website here

There is no video for her latest release (yet!) so enjoy this instead

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