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Maja Kristina tells it how it is in her latest offering "Idiot"

Swedish songbird Maja Kristina is making waves in international pop music with her latest single, her original sound and effortless vocals have set her apart as an artist to watch on 2020. "Idiot" is an absolute bop and tells of a girl fed up with the comings and goings of a boy who doesn't seem sure of what he wants.

“It’s about a relationship I was in that was very destructive,” she admits. “I became codependent on the negative affection I got. He confirmed what I thought of myself at the moment though. I eventually recognized and realized there was nothing wrong with me; I was just dating an idiot. That’s fine, if you are, but you need to love yourself more than that and say, ‘Enough is enough. I deserve better’.”

The opening chords set the tone for this electric pop anthem, moody and tense, you can immediately sense this is going to be a banger. It's clear Maja has her finger on the pulse of modern pop without sounding cliche or unoriginal.

It comes as no surprise that Maja has been signed to Republic Records, whose roster includes hit-makers like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Lorde. As she prepares her debut EP for 2020, Maja has a lot to say:

“When you listen to me, I just want you to feel something. It could be you walk away empowered, heartbroken, angry, or absolutely euphoric. Life is like that. I’m just showing what really happens. Interpret it however is true to you. That’s what music is meant to do.”

Check out her latest single and keep up to date with her socials using the links below!



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