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Laroy Streat! Legacy's Dead: Coming Soon

Legacy's Dead, Coming Soon! Its the perfect Introduction to the up and coming album from Laroy Streat titled 'Broken Legacy'

The New England Emmy Award winning Artist is teasing us with his new track 'Legacy's Dead' We cant wait to hear the whole album.

Its safe to say this artist has got bars! Laroy Streats new track 'Legacy's Dead' is truly fantastic. It Hameltonesk with with a more modern flavour. He has an amazing voice, speaks from his heart and has an unbelievable talent for raping.

The song is very real and talks of depression and struggle which we can all relate to. With incredible production value we cant wait for the full album 'Broken Legacy'

In this crazy time in the world we are reminded that we grew up in the age of Timbaland & Pharell, and we cant wait for his new Album. Let's get reacquainted he adds, building up slowly and then letting it flow.

The timing of his rap is breathtaking and so is the honestly in the words he speaks. Listening to music that comes from the heart is what It's all about.

We love hearing and artist with nothing to hide, letting the words roll out that comes from the experiences he has faced.

It's refreshing in this world of fake music to see something as honest as this.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Laroy Streat to get to know him a bit better and find out about some of his plans, check out our interview below!

1. Can you tell us the story behind your new song?

My new song is an introduction to the album Broken Legacy. It’s basically a cliff notes version of everything that will be spoken about on the album.

Depression, anxiety, not knowing exactly who I am. Some of the demons of my past and so much more.

2. Who are some of your biggest Inspirations?

My biggest inspirations are easily Ludacris, Saigon Jay Z Ne-Yo and Trey Songz. I feel as though if you were to blend all of those artist together… you get me. I have to admit though… that’s a crazy combination.

3. If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?

The artist I would love to collaborate with right now would have to be Ty dollar Sign, LaRussell and J. Cole. Those are my dream features right now.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I hope to have garnered the respect from my city. The money and the fame is one thing but respect from my piers is what I seek the most.

5. Do you have any new shows coming up?

I have a show in Waltham Massachusetts. Sunday October 30th at 5pm. Come out and support good music.

Check out Legacy's Dead here!

And be sure to follow Laroy Streat on Social media!

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