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This song goes hard. We've been listening to it on repeat and we're so excited it's finally out today, this song really is drugs for our ears.

Always where you least expect it, these Canadian rockstars have made versatility their signature, fearlessly blending their influences and leaning onto strong melodies and outspoken songwriting to ensure their audiences are tagging along for the wild ride. Characterised with hard-hitting drums and an explosive chorus, their first collaboration Heroin will get you hooked from the very first lines.

From rocking the stages of Canada & The USA to EDM collaborations with DJ NO1KNOWS, KVNE is making waves in the Industry. The BADLOOK collaboration came as a blessing for KVNE.

“It helped me stay sober and get through one more tough day at a time. I started to find the hidden joys of life again”

Both coming from the metal world, the Canadian artists initially met as teenagers at a show in a small town where their respective bands were playing, to then cross paths again 10 years later. This synchronicity led KVNE to invite BADLOOK to open for him during his Cathartic tour in 2019. They will share later this year their split EP Distort, while the Heroin release will be celebrated with tour dates scheduled in Ontario this spring. These live shows come on the back of online performances for Conestoga College and Have Hope Productions for KVNE who has surpassed 2.6 million streams on Spotify with features on 17 000 playlists including Fresh Finds and New Music Friday.

We talked to KVNE and asked him to give us an exclusive Introduction to his new track and video, so here he is, Kevin we love this track and music video, if you're talking to someone who has never heard your music, what does this song mean, what should the viewer expect and how would you Introduce it?

"Heroin came to be during a dark time in my life. I still kinda view it as a massive life transition. BADLOOK sent the idea for the beat, and I had majority of the writing done within a half hour while driving. The song pretty much wrote itself. I feel like it’s a testament to your roots as an artist. This is where it started for me, this style, this vibe & energy. It’s only fitted we end up back here after everything"

We're so stoked to be able to show you the Music Video for 'Heroin' check it out here!

Check out the track on Spotify Here!

Follow KVNE & BADLOOK on Instagram!

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