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KVNE Releases Highly Anticipated New Single 'DROP'

KVNE is back. Even though he never left. Keeping up a chain of consistent high quality releases is a walk in the park for this future Canadian Superstar.

This Hitmaker just wont quit, he's on fire right now. After releasing 'Been So Long' which was the debut single of mysterious DJ/Producer 'NO1KNOWS' KVNE is back with another smash hit titled 'Drop'.

NO1KNOWS & KVNE 'Been So Long' peaked at number 20 in The Beatport Trap Chart, and was played by Dance Icon 'Nicky Romero' I think any DJ would be happy to have results like that on their debut single, and incredibly lucky to have vocals from KVNE on the track. It shows his ability to switch between genres without any issue, in fact KVNE seems to chart when he does it.

Fresh are the rumours that the duo have partnered again for a second single, it has just been confirmed to be under the Warner Music Group Umbrella, distributed by Sony, KVNE just keeps adding major label credits to his name.


Hit after hit after... HIT.

Drop has all the right elements, emotional vocals, big 808's and catchy powerful lyrics. We know this guy can write.

After supporting 'Little Tecca' last year we saw KVNE as the next big thing out of Canada, and we still do. The pandemic has slowed down a lot of artists, but not this one.

We think 'Drop' is going places, its really good. In an Industry where people are rushing to put out the dreaded work 'content' KVNE just seems to make hits for fun.

How can you compete with that? you cant so get on his good side. he will be coming to a stadium near you once they open up again in 2034.

Were joking of course, you think anything will slow him down? if you wont see him live due to restrictions he will be performing from home because he just cant be stopped.


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