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KVNE Drops Latest Dance Hit With Mysterious Producer NO1KNOWS

Is there anything Canadian R&B artist KVNE can’t do, his latest collaboration sees him glide effortlessly into the Dance genre with EDM Producer NO1KNOWS. ‘Time of Death’ is an emotional dance anthem that captures the pain and ultimately the resigned apathy of being broken hearted and left behind. The vocal work is tight like a tiger and makes you tingle in your ear holes. As the name suggests no one knows who NO1KNOWS is but based on the quality of his production we can only assume he or she is a God of dance music making merry amongst the mortals.

The track was picked up by legendary dance label Blanco Y Negro for international release today. We don’t have a lot of information on the producer NO1KNOWS, he seems to have appeared out of thin air and is already making big waves getting tracks played by Thierry von Der Warth and Nicky Romero, and our boy KVNE is an all star in our eyes, back at it again with the white vans.

The video hasn’t premiered yet but word on the street is We Rave You got the exclusive, and are dropping it on the 26th of April, we do however have the teaser for you to enjoy below and you can stream Time of Death on all platforms here

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