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K.I.N.G the MC shows us why he wears the crown of the Tennessee rap scene...

...with his most recent release Napoleon Hill.

Zachary Taylor Boetcher, like many born on the margins of society into a forgotten community has experienced the cycle of poverty, witnessing first-hand the effects on his own family and community. In continuing with the tradition of taking hard times and channeling it into great art, this young man has shown what is possible with dedication, work, and a little faith. K.I.N.G the MC is a modern poet, taking his experiences and hardships and crafting them into powerful and poignant lyrical prose that reaches out and grabs the listener, drawing us into his world. Napoleon Hill is a soulful sermon, artfully delivered. In an era of hyped beats and mumbled rappers K.I.N.G the MC unapologetically delivers a masterclass in articulate flow coupled with almost nostalgic hip hop beats that draw inspiration from the roots of rap while still sounding fresh and new. Touching on issues like poverty, faith, and humanity, K.I.N.G the MC guides us through the tough times that shape us and leaves you with a feeling that no matter your circumstances you can choose to be more. In his own words, Knowledge Inspiring New Greatness. In today’s climate of bedroom producers and soundcloud “artists” it is such a breath of fresh air to come across a true artist, with well thought out music, produced to the highest standard.

Check out Napoleon Hill (Directors Cut) below and be sure to keep up with K.I.N.G the MC on his social media for the latest from Nashville’s hottest rapper.

IG @kingthemc

Twiitter @kingthemc_

Facebook @storyofk.i.n.g.

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