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If Halloween made music; Joel Christian drops a brand new queer pop horror anthem.

Rise from the Grave, the latest single by electronic pop artist Joel Christian, is an 80's inspired synth-wave track. Masterfully crafted, Joel showcases his inspired storytelling gift with poignant lyrics aimed at the struggle against anxiety and cultivating the inner strength to be yourself.

Joel Christian is a queer pop singer-songwriter, and performance artist based in Los Angeles. His approach to his genre bending music is a mixture of dark-pop with an electronic sound. As an artist he takes his visuals to the next level to showcase a horror aesthetic that makes his music feel joyfully macabre and mysterious in equal measure. Joel Christian is creating an authentic pop identity, clearly influenced by the likes of David Bowie and Marilyn Manson.

Rise From The Grave drops February 12th on all music platforms.

Check out Joel's Instagram here

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