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Hot Young Talent Lawson J Drops Latest Single 'Stay Together'

It's always very exciting when a genuinely fresh new talent comes across our desk. Lawson J is one of those rare talents that have us sincerely thrilled. His latest single 'Stay Together' is filled with catchy melodies, emotional vocals and high production value, Lawson J has knocked this beautiful summer track out of the park. This track has all the makings of a song that should be on every summer playlist, and Lawson J has demonstrated that he has his finger firmly on the pulse of modern pop music.

A true artist, Lawson J, affectionately nicknamed Junior, is not just a singer, but a songwriter, composer and, producer who seamlessly blends together contemporary Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Latin and Soul to create a unique sound. Taking a leaf out of the page from producers like Dr Dre, Lawson J is a self taught prodigy who takes his own music from A to Z, and you can hear the contemporary influences in his work. 'Stay Together' is catchy without being gimmicky or kitsch.

It is very clear to us that a lot of time, effort, and passion have gone into this work. We can't wait to see what he comes out with next! Check out the music video for 'Stay Together' below

Keep up with Lawson J on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and on his Website

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