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Glass Cases shoots up with their latest audio offering Chemicals

One of the biggest challenges faced by artists today is standing out without trying too hard (miss me with the mumble rap nonsense), in this respect glass cases has three aces up their sleeves. The trio, who hail from Fort Collins, have struck gold in the "fresh sound" field of dreams. Assigning a genre in 2021 feels like a waste of energy as most artistic geniuses tend not to conform and glass cases is no exception, if alt-indie went on a steamy date with synth-rock and their love child listened to pop we would be as close to the description of their genre as I know how to get.

On to 'Chemicals' then, the groups latest track is everything you could expect from artists who have had their voice emerge from the dumpster fire that has been the last 4 years, the upbeat feel of the track starkly juxtaposed (if the word is too big, Google it) by what could be considered as dark, relatable lyrics. The production is immaculate which is no surprise and often a precursor of "yo, my Soundcloud is blowing upppp" so definitely an idea to keep an eye on these dudes.

It is very clear that these guys love what they do, after a year of cancelled gigs they would have to be. Independent artists have had a real hard time of it so it is incredibly encouraging to see that there are still real artists putting in the blood sweat and tears to move their work forward. Check out the video for Chemicals below and keep up with the guys of glass cases on Spotify, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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