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Get Lost Looking For Your 'Imaginary Castle' With Composer KLHH

Talented and young, composer KLHH is making real waves in the contemporary classical music scene. His latest offer is a collaboration with songbird Carina Castillo titled 'Imaginary Castle'. This extremely emotion track at its core is about connection and the struggle we all face to break out of ourselves, and invites the listener to imagine a better world.

The lyrics marry beautifully with the ethereal piano and together they transport you to a dream like state. The production value of the track is at the highest standard, a remarkable feat considering the current state of the world. KLHH a.k.a Kevin Huang clearly has an incredible ear for composing compelling and emotional music, he has been writing songs and composing music from the very young age of 12. We are so excited to hear more from this exceptional young musician. You can see the lyric video for Imaginary Castle below

You can also get the track on all major platforms here and you can keep up with KLHH on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

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