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Fadetheblackk is back with 'Cold World' ft. b*star (Produced by Just Chris)

It's safe to say Fadetheblackk is on the rise with his Soundcloud constantly reaching new levels. With tracks like Deception & No Regrets reaching thousands of listeners it was perfect timing for his new track 'Cold World'

The track is dark and deep in its essence but is uniquely uplifting, 'Cold World' is the perfect title and offers the listeners many thoughts and questions. The production value is high and B*Star hits the mark with a breathtaking beat by Just Chris.

We sat down with Fadetheblackk to get to know the man behind the magic.

1. Who are your biggest Influences? and who would you collaborate with if you could choose anyone?

I love jazz music and soulful tunes I grew up in a household full of musicians, but must say Nat King Cole, Bob Marley, Mos Def, Talib Kweli stand out in mind. I always find this question hard to answer. I do appreciate any music with real content behind it, and I’m pretty much open to all genres. If I had to pick any one person to collaborate with in the industry it would be Kanye West the man is a genius in his own way and I love the energy his presents to the world!

2. What would you say to artists trying to get into the Industry?

Nothing happens overnight in the industry it’s a grind, you have to truly be invested in your goals. Always use rejection you receive to build your character, because you will be rejected it’s an industry with 1 Billion artist trying to do the same exact thing.

3. We really liked Cold World, do you have any future releases locked in? and any thoughts of an album?

I’m glad you liked “Cold World” I’ll will be working on an EP Album in 2020 I’m thinking maybe 5 to 7 tracks in the meantime I have a few more tracks that will be released in 2019 Systematic , Reality. Be Ok will be released in 2020, I believe in my heart that this will be a worldwide track.

We can't wait the new album! Make sure you check out Fadetheblackk on all his socials below, and follow him on Soundcloud to get the best listening experience!

Listen to 'Cold World' here!

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