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F*ck You COVID 19! Cool Ass Sings What We've All Been Thinking

We all know that this pandemic has had far reaching effects, showing what can be achieved through international collaboration and the perseverance of the human spirit.

Cool Ass demonstrates this principle beautifully in what we here at MusikZombie believe is the greatest song written in 2020. 'F*ck You COVID 19' is an entirely relatable piece with a music video created by people from around the world, coming together, with shit all else to do at home.

In an explosion of synthy pop-rock littered with creativity and humour, there's no denying that this is the song we all needed. If you do one thing for your mental health this week, it's to listen to this anthem of the people by who I must now assume is a virtuoso, Cool Ass

Hitting on the very real aspects of the global pandemic, such as shortages of bum wad, and the true horror of having to home school your own children, the lyrical content is clearly well thought out and poignant.

Pure art mate. More of this please.

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