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EXCLUSIVE! Baby Justin Releases His First Single 'Tranki45'

Latin music has a new rising star in the form of Baby Justin who is dropping his first single 'Tranki45' on the 26th of March with hitmakers Smúsica and we were lucky enough to be one of the few outlets to get a sneak peek at this summer hit.

Here at MusikZombie we love the grind and it's clear that this young talent has not been idle, the track is masterfully produced and illustrates the rich influence of Baby Justin's Dominican roots, the song is upbeat and will definitely get people onto the dance floor. Baby Justin is also a fire vocalist and the music is hella catchy, we literally cannot wait for this to drop so that we can add it to our banging tunes playlist.

Though he is currently based in the USA, Baby Justin (real name Carlos Sanchez) is originally from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. It is all too common that genuinely talented people of varying cultural backgrounds get swallowed up by the stateside music scene as artist scramble to conform to the easy-to-digest form of "palatable" music, it's so exciting to see a true artist break the mould and fully embrace their heritage with so much talent and skill. It comes as no surprise that this enterprising young man caught the attention of Latin music powerhouse, Smúsica.

Baby Justin is clearly someone who has built his brand from the ground up, respect for the hustle permeates his social presence and personal style. We STAN and so should you. We don't currently have a video to show you but we will soon! In the meantime you can keep up with this superstar in the making at the links below!

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