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Escape From Babylon, the latest offering from the Randy Neal Experience out now

Talented guitarist and composer Randy Neal has released his latest track Escape From Babylon, Randy has been testing the limits of contemporary rock music with music that can be described as voiceless storytelling. His unique and engaging style largely features no vocals and is focused on the composition to convey meaning. You can hear the classic rock influences in his work, yet he somehow manages to be original and authentic. Definitely a talent to keep your eye on!

When asked where the inspiration for Escape from Babylon came from Randy had this to say.

“Escape from Babylon illustrates a feeling of being boxed in to a society that was already established and fucking miserable before we are born, that we accept and try to exist in, and then the powerful feeling, the freeing feeling of waking up, looking at all of it and saying I am in control now.”

What is the essence of the Randy Neal Experience, what inspired you to start this project and where do you see it going?

“The essence of what the Randy Neal Experience is and how it started are very different, it started with me no longer waiting to find musicians to play and create with and to just do something, now it has become more of a documentary of me putting myself musically in challenging and uncomfortable situations by doing things I am weak at like singing, mixing/mastering. I like to call myself a wordless story teller, I am hopeful about just building an archive of music that inspires and I continue to grow.”

Whose work do you admire and who are the influences in yours?

“The musicians I admire and are inspired by are always changing, but consistently I have always looked up to Keith Richards, since I was really young he was the driving force behind desire to play the guitar, Tom Petty made me fall in love with melodies, harmonies and beautiful song writing.”

The Randy Neal experience keeps going from strength to strength and we can’t wait to see what he comes out with next.

Check out his latest single and keep up to date with his socials using the links below!

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