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Desert Heat by Exotic Dimensions Is the Masterpiece we all need to hear!

Updated: Feb 24

Truly authentic, epic and magical. 'Desert Heat' is a 5 star masterpiece that you need in your life.

Exotic Dimensions is the musical project from Producer Shumile. She attempts to make world music accessible to a large audience of people, particularly individuals who may not be acquainted with music from other countries.

Her song Desert Heat has been making incredible waves within the Industry. Even gaining attention from the great Christopher Tin who states....

"Desert Heat is full of fun, fantastic, virtuosic performances over some plush orchestration. A great sound world to be transported to!" Being endorsed by a 2 times Grammy winner and 3 times Grammy nominee shows her true potential and gives us a taste of whats to come from the composer.

The song was produced, Composed, Arranged, Orchestrated and Conducted by Shumile. Desert Heat is a true epic journey. With A beautiful vocal and string intro. The song builds us up emotionally, Introducing unique elements as it goes.

Supported by the amazing East Coast Scoring Orchestra, all these musical elements fit together perfectly to give us the most incredible tale of magic.

This epic tale of love and adventure is the 7 minute masterpiece we all needed to hear. If you heard this song for the first time you would think it was made by Hans Zimmer. However we might be dealing with the next Hans Zimmer here!

"Lost among the sand storm for you praying for a moonlit night Stars please guide me right to the route that’s true"

We here at Musikzombie give this piece 5/5. Its a momentous achievement for Shumile & her project Exotic Dimensions. If you heard this song in a Disney movie it would not be out of place.

Being nominated

and winning so

many awards

truly speaks for itself. We cant wait to hear more from Exotic Dimensions and expect her to have an Incredibly long and successful career...............

Make sure to check out Desert Heat by Exotic Dimensions here on Youtube!

You can also keep up to date here with her via her website

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