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Derek Lai is back with the new single ‘Empty-Handed’

We are definitely not left Empty Handed with this hit from Derek Lai!

Empty handed screens of production value and is Derek Lai’s first song on Spotify, the amazing guitar chords and catchy lyrics defiantly don’t leave us Empty Handed. The rumbling guitar chords on the chorus with the incredible hook show us an artist who is truly on the rise.

Derek Lai has chosen to take the road less traveled in order to live out his dreams. With the release of his new single "Empty-Handed," it appears that gambling on himself has paid off and taken him somewhere beautiful. Mixed by George Seara, who has worked with artists like Shawn Mendes, Lai’s new single was created at a creative low point for this artist. "Empty-Handed" takes listeners on a journey through self-doubt and discouragement, to a place of healing and empowerment.

If the reflective lyrics don’t pull you in, his impassioned guitar playing and alluring voice certainly will. Follow Derek Lai on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube for news and updates.

We really like this single and can’t wait to hear more from Derek Lai!

"Empty-Handed" is out now on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Check out the new single and his other social links below!

Link to the single:

Other links: Instagram: Twitter: Tiktok: Youtube:

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