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Brandon Riley Cuts Deeper With Sophomore Single 'Scar Tattoo'

Looking like something out of a gangster film from the roaring 1920's, Brandon Riley oozes old school sophistication and class. Having garnered extensive experience performing in different bands, Brandon decided to pursue a solo career to carve out his own style.

Taking inspiration from legends like The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones, Brandon has demonstrated his keen ear for great music and talent for writing deep, thought provoking lyrics in his latest single, 'Scar Tattoo' which you can listen to on Spotify here.

This Indie-Pop track is beautifully paced, and has been produced to an industry standard. The build up is satisfying and full of really rich instrumental work. Thematically, the lyrics touch on the metamorphosis of pain into beauty and feel deeply personal. There is a real connection between us, the listener, and Riley, the artist.

Brandon Riley is already making waves in the Indie scene and his track has a little under 20 000 plays at the time of writing this, we cannot wait to see what this immensely talented multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter comes out with next. After a pandemic that has hit independent artists hardest it is so encouraging to see so many forging forward with awesome work.

If you want to keep up with Brandon Riley, (which we highly recommend you do) you can give him a follow on Instagram here.

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