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Bombshell goes hard! New single 'In His Mouth' OUT NOW.

With a reinvented sound this masterpiece draws you in Instantly. Complete with hard lyrics and fantastic melodies this is not a song to be missed.

The Model turned Rapper delivers just that a bombshell track. With incredible production, emotional keys, intricate melodies and hard hitting vocals this track has it all and is not one to be missed.

The song starts with a mellow but emotional piano line and then instantly explodes with the powerful vocals. The track screams production quality and you can see this artist is only going up in the Industry.

The Florida born Rapper is no stranger to the spotlight. After listening to her last track 'Coldest Summer' the follow up 'In his mouth' is a perfect next addition, we cant wait to hear what the future has in store the talented Rapper.

Check it out on Soundcloud here!

Follow the Bombshell Entertainment Music Group here!

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