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Updated: Jul 24, 2019

The World Champion Rapper from the East Side is one to watch. He is pumping out releases and selling out shows!

BET Freestyle Friday World Champion, has been going full speed since becoming world champion. Currently releasing record after record Young Stitch looks set for a lifetime of success, his newest track with Dub-J is making its way around the radio at an alarming pace! We think he's only just begun.

We sat down with Stitch and asked him to give us some advice for up and coming artists that want to go down the same road!

What would your advice be for people trying to get in the game?

For anyone trying to be a rapper my advice is focus on your craft. I feel like the main reason people become "rappers" these days is for image and clout. Everyone wants to be Insta-famous more than actually making hot records .. which leaves us with a lot of watered down crap. There's more rappers than fans these days .. so to stand out I recommend you sharpen your sword before going to war. You will be happy you did.

Tell us a bit about winning BET's Freestyle Friday?

BET was an amazing experience and opened a ton of doors for me Internationally. I have landed a lot of gigs in the last year based off my LA victory. I still hold the crown until someone takes it from me..

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself on a beach house writing lyrics in my private cabana whilst thanking the heavens that all my hard work finally paid off!

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