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B R Y 4 4 4 N Gets Spiritual With His Latest Track 'Keep it Positive'

The opening affirmations of 'Keep it Positive' perfectly set the tone for the entire track, the message of manifesting yourself to the next level sees Seattle based BRY444N hit the self-love nail on its vibe-up head. You can check it out on Spotify here.

It's clear that BRY444N is on a totally different frequency, unapologetically inviting light, love, and divinity into his life and sharing this revelation unabashedly with the rest of us. In a world that is saturated with materialism (there are literally a million songs about money, sex, and drugs) 'Keep it Positive' is a declaration that the spirit is tangible and can be fed with love and it's great to see.

In terms of production the track is a masterclass, tight beats with a almost Jazz like key melody that fits perfectly. The vocal work feels effortless and has the quality of a confident and experienced poet with a lot to say. Every word feels deliberate and as all good art should, stimulates your consciousness. We vibe hard hard artists who are here to enlighten and uplift and we love what BRY444N brings to the table. You can keep up with him on his Instagram here.

While there is not currently a music video for 'Keep it Positive' we have got a video for 'Heaven Only Knows' off his first album 'The Slumflower Series' check it out below!

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