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Andrew Whitehouse releases amazing new single 'Landslide'

If you like emotional rock this ones for you! Landslide is the latest track from the multi talented musician Andrew Whitehouse.

What a Landslide Record! This beautiful song opens with epic emotional guitar plucks, followed by soft tantalising vocals that really show case Andrews vocal abilities.

Once the vocals kick in the emotional rollercoaster that we are about to witness begins. The song builds us up slowly introducing further instruments and riffs exploding into full power in the chorus!

Its not just the vocal ability we love about this song. Landslide is amazingly well produced and mixed to perfection. This record has so many outstanding elements, and the name Landslide is so fitting for this amazingly catchy tune from Andrew Whitehouse. This song speaks volumes for a debut record and he doesn't stop there......

With a plucky baseline and evolving guitar chords, the song takes us on a true landslide, and truly shows us what Andrews has to offer.

We are brought down into a minimalist bridge before being brought up once again for a final chorus, in a song that we don't want to stop after 4 minutes!

It’s clear where the future of this artist is going.

From following Andrew's journey extensively online we learnt the goals of this talented musician;

'Create my own music that you can listen to in a bedroom with headphones on that holds your attention I am trying to make music that is both accessible and meaningful, but also edgy and heavy enough that it could be accepted as authentic and not over polished, tuned and produced'

This is evident through his work, and we cant wait to hear more!

Make sure to check out Andrew's Spotify here!

You can also see all the links to his socials through his website here!

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