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Adam Hender releases debut album 'Sick'

If you think physical albums are dead, we have some tremendous news for you, you are wrong.. Emotionally raw and honest Adam Hender's debut album smashes all expectations and launches this young artist into the stratosphere.

Singer/songwriter Adam Hender from Llandudno in Wales has released his debut album on new 3tone Records, whose co-founder Dean Roberts is also from North Wales. Both men have hopped across the border to partner on the label to release Sick in collaboration with Universal Music. Sick can be found in every Tesco's and HMV (yes these still exist) in the country, and much like Coronavirus it is already making it's way around the world. Everyone should be listening to this album.

Clearly the biggest thing out of Wales since Gareth Bale, Adam gives us all the feels on this 12 track masterpiece. The quality of the work is superb and we would not be at all surprised to see Adam as a real contender for the BBC Sound of 2021, you heard it here first. It is an award worthy effort and the buzz is real.

Now it's one thing playing a song on your free Spotify Account, awash with ads and other peoples music in between, and it's another to have the whole experience of purchasing an honest to goodness CD or Vinyl. Of course, like me you might encounter some problems, such as not having a CD drive, or your CD getting stuck in your cars ancient CD player, but the nostalgia is real and it's refreshing to see a new artist still making the effort.

Music Streaming has now taken up-to 87% of the way people digest music, leaving physical sales at 7% and 6% for digital sales. There's no doubt the world is changing, artists are now focusing on singles, it's a charmless assault on the magic that used to be commonplace in the music industry.

Nothing beats walking in to the store, picking up the album and then looking down and seeing it next to your groceries, a quick trip to the shop can get you an avocado, the expensive toilet paper (the cheap stuff torn from the shelves in fits of pandemic panic) and 12 tracks of wholesome, emotional goodness.

The consensus in the office is in, after a duel to the death we have decided that our favourite song on the album by far is 'Losing My Mind'. We just cant seem to get it out of our heads, with catchy guitar riffs and vocal melodies you can see why this young musician is so highly rated.

Every single song makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, the production is on point as is everything else.

The album starts with the uplifting melodies of 'Nothing In Between' with Adams vocal power very quickly dominating the song, simple yet brilliant this album is mixed to perfection, the emotional rawness of the writing is on another level, I will be listening to this album for years to come, and I'm sure some of these songs will go on to be classics, there's no other option than to rate this album 5 Stars.

Check out the album 'Sick' Here, it is Indeed sick and is the perfect thing to cry to while contemplating lockdown 2.0

When this is all over I'm sure we will see Adam Hender on the biggest stages around the world.

I will personally be at the first show singing my ass off.

Adam Hender - Losing My Mind (Official Video)

Check out Adam Hender here on his social links.




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